Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Green Day The Grouch From The Album Nimrod

Green Day "Nimrod" LP Cover
“Nimrod” came out in October of 1997. I was a teenager and didn’t pick it up right away. In fact, my parents were breaking anything that I purchased in terms of music, and I had to hide a lot of my records. By that point, I started to get a modest collection after some time, and eventually would get “Nimrod” via cassette tape. The album had a lot of singles on it, and it was once again produced by Rob Cavallo. The band would throw down nearly 50 minutes of music, but today, what stood out to me was the track, “The Grouch”. This is a song that made sense to me when I was a teenager, but more so now that I’m older.

The starting line still rings out to me, “I was a young boy that had big plans, now I’m just another shitty old man”, which is a powerful statement to start through. The song goes down to talk about the waste of youth, and how getting older is just making the singer a curmudgeon. Done in the classic Green Day pop punk style, the song really showers a lot of negativity about growing up into one space. There’s a lot to dissect in this song, and honestly, it’s true to life in many ways. It’s about apathy, getting old, and life getting the better of you, even though the band was super rich at the time. It’s an angst fueled song that speaks to the punk rock ethos of getting older and hating life sometimes.

Production wise, it’s a fast-moving song, but Billy Joe Armstrong’s vocals are clear, as you would expect. The bass guitar and drums are also great here, with all of them getting time in the spotlight, including a slight solo. If there was a blueprint for pop punk songs, “The Grouch” would be a very good example of how to create an angry song with melody throughout. The melody is great, the drums keep time, and the bass guitar doesn’t just follow the guitar work which makes this is a classic song from the guys in Green Day.

While “Nimrod” wasn’t my favorite record from the band, “The Grouch” made a dent in my heart and mind, and as I listened to it today, I had to make time to talk about it. It’s a song that really speaks to getting older, and I see it clearer now in my 30s than I did when I was a teenager. “The world owes me so F-You” is the ender and it is awesome, pointing towards the ultimate scenario of a grouch that’s old and tired.

You can listen to “The Grouch” and purchase “Nimrod” by clicking here, and see just how grouchy Green Day got on their fifth studio record.

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